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How to remove unwanted apps from Windows 10 even though Microsoft doesn’t want you to

Once clicked you must confirm the deletion of the application by clicking on “Yes”. In fact to uninstall them all you have to manually switch to each application. Under the “Programs” category, click the Uninstall a program option. Through the Settings app, you can also remove system apps known as “features on-demand,” including apps like Notepad, Paint, WordPad, Windows Media Player, and many others.

  • You can toggle on include microphone to record a voiceover or enable include tab audio to capture sound directly from a tab.
  • In order to use Radeon ReLive, you must first make sure it is enabled from within Radeon Settings.
  • In the Advanced Options menu choose ‘Startup Settings’, and then ‘Restart’.
  • Instead, you just open this free online screen recorder in your web.

Removes an app package (.appx) from a Windows image. If you include a re-direct of the output to a text file, it makes scrolling thru/searching and copy/paste easier. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type powershell.exe, and click/tap on OK. Type the command below into the elevated PowerShell, and press Enter. Special thanks to Mark for researching this option.

Display three or more windows on a screen

Fancyzones is loaded with many other features that you can play around with for a more efficient window snapping. To snap four windows or snap a window to the corners such as top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right edge, you can again use the keyboard shortcuts. To snap to the top-left corner, make the desired window active by clicking on it once.

Allows real-time streaming and recording of the Windows desktop in superb HD video quality. Great web-based screen recorder with a clean interface. And the real-time editing is really impressive. By making a few clicks, you can export your recorded videos to a wide range of formats. With the desired formats, you’re able to easily deliver the file via internet, watch it on portable devices, save to your hard get more information drive and more.

But how to split screen in Windows 10 into a specific section that you prefer. The snapping usually works on all edges of the screens on both monitors except the edges that are in between the two monitors. The app will launch, and the split screen mode will be divided equally. Again, move the divider up or down to adjust the size of the windows. If you have two windows open side by side, click on one and press the Win and Down arrow keys. The window will stay in the bottom-left corner, and the remaining open window will appear.

IFun Screen Recorder

All the three methods will help you to completely wipe out the application or program from your Windows 10 PC. Keep note that if you didn’t find any of the below-mentioned step relevant then it might be possible you haven’t updated Windows 10 to the latest version. Methods for uninstalling Apps and Software is the same for all Social, Browser, Games and Third-Party App that downloaded from the Internet or From Microsoft App Store. You can quickly uninstall an application by simply right-clicking on its desktop shortcut and selecting this option.

Select the entire screen or application window you want to record, then click Share to record the screen. Maybe you’re going to record your screen for a presentation at work, share fun gameplay with your friends, or generate a tutorial video. Both the Windows and macOS, and even Chrome OS allow you to record your screen, but the methods for getting it done vary among different operating systems. Screen Recorder Pro is one of the most advanced, yet completely free, Windows 10 apps to record not only everything on the screen but also the webcam. Once installed from the Microsoft Store, it is accessible from the Start menu.

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